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Orlando is home to a great music scene. While people may associate Orlando with pop acts, there are many more bands that are playing the local scene and they are really good. These bands are getting noticed in the art and they are getting noticed by those all over the country. These are some of the bands in Orlando that you should be listening to.


This band is a cover band but they are one of the best at this music. They have a diverse lineup of songs that they are able to perform. They can play anything from classic rock to modern songs that are played on the radio. They also play some of the biggest songs from the 80s. They have the talent to do so. This band can even play Motown hits. They are able to blend the music together to put on a good show.

The Smoking Jackets

This band was formed in 2011 and they are an exciting band to listen to. They specialize in electric music and they can be found at clubs and other events. They play music from the 50s as well as music from today. They keep the show going from the start until the place closes down.

Cinco De Mayo Block Party

C’Nergy Band

This band is entertaining and they are fun to watch. The members of this band have more than 30 years of combined experience playing music. They are able to get the crowd up and moving. This band is lively and the guest will remember their performance for many years to come.

Breezeway Trio and Band

This is a group of musicians that have come together to form a band. They are able to perform many different types of music. The music they play is different than what most people are used to listening to. They play a lot of jazz, they use steel drums, and they even have a tropical flavor to their music.

Caribbean Salas Band

This is a great band for people that want to get up and dance. The music that they play is salsa music with a Latin. The beats of the music are also Latin which makes people want to get up and dance. They play jazz, meringue, and cumbia. They are able to be rented out for a special purpose and in some cases can even be found at the local bar.

Think Big

This band started out in 2003 and since that time they have been playing live music. All of the members of this band have a different background. They can play anything from country music to rock music. This is something that everyone can enjoy listening to.

These are some of the best bands in Orlando that you should take notice of. These bands are able to put on a live show and they will keep people entertained. If a person is looking for a good night and some good music they can see any of these bands play live and have a good time.