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Puff 'N Stuff

Church Street Restaurants

Puff N stuff is another great restaurant that is located on Church Street in Orlando. This restaurant first opened in 1971 and focused on using puff pastry as an important part of their dish. The owners opened their Florida location in 1980 and they went from a little shop to a large establishment in no time at all. In 2003, the company expanded to catering and they will provide a full menu for many events. The menu has been updated as well as includes some new dishes.

Puff 'N Stuff

The restaurant has some of the top chefs in the area. They put their time and dedication into putting a good meal on the table for their customers. They will serve every guest like they are serving members of their own family and every event will be catered like it is a family event. When a person comes in this shop they can expect a good meal. There is even option for pick up and delivery for those that are on the go.

A person can start off their day with a buffer at this shop featuring some of the best puff pastries and meals that go with them. There is a breakfast buffet that includes many different items to pick from. As part of their breakfast, there is sliced fruit as well as pastries. There are also a number of homemade croissants that are made daily. A person can get the egg of their choice on the croissant. There are also some sides such as bacon and cured ham as well as turkey or chicken sausage.

The dinner buffer is another popular option with the Orlando crowd. There is the classic buffet, the select buffer, and the reserve buffet. The reserve buffet will need to be booked ahead of time. The buffer is carefully planned out so a guest can enjoy a good meal. There are a number of different items that a person can select from. In addition to the food, there are a number of signature cocktails that a person can enjoy. A person will start off their meal with a mixed green salad or they can choose from other salads that are being served such as the Fiesta salad. There are a number of entrées to enjoy as well. the beef tips come with a mushroom cognac cream sauce. There is roasted or grilled chicken that comes with many different choices of sauce. There is grilled salmon or trout for those that like fish. There are even some pasta dishes featured on this buffer such as penne a la vodka. There is also a lasagna bolognese and a number of different dies to choose from.

When a person is looking for a good meal that uses puff pastries in other ways and in creative ways Puff N Stuff is a great place to visit. They also offer buffets for those that like to eat and the food is top of the line.