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This professional basketball team made its home in the city of Orlando. This team was the home of such players like Shaq and has a loyal fan following. It is located in a city with great weather and fans that want to come out and support their team.

Orlando Magic

A person can purchase tickets to see this NBA team play live. They can get the tickets at the box office or they can purchase the tickets over the internet so they know they will have a seat open for them. This team has their list of home games that are scheduled so a person can pick the date in which they will be in town. They can also see the teams that they are going to play against so they can cheer the Magic on.

The Orlando Magic is the home team for this city. There are residents or Orlando that stop in and watch the team play every home game. There are also people visiting the city that come by to see a professional NBA game. This team is a member of the eastern conferences and they are in the southeast division of the NBA. This team plays at the Amway Center. This is their home court. When the team is not playing the Amway Center can be used to host events such as concerts and other performances where a large crowd is going to gather.

Fans show their loyalty to the team by wearing their colors. The colors of the team are blue, silver, and black. This team has won five division titles and they have retired one jersey over the years. They also have two conference titles but they have not won the NBA championship game. This does not stop fans from coming out and supporting their team.

The head coach of the Magic is Steve Clifford. He is looking to change the record of the team and help them win some additional titles. While the team does not always win they try for their fans and they will not give up until the game is over.

This team has been through a lot over the years and they are still going strong. There are some new players that they have drafted to help this team and they are looking forward to a great season. The team recently picked up Mohamed Bamba and he is going to be playing the position of center.

When a fan comes out to see the game they can take pictures with Stuff the Magic Dragon which is the official mascot of the team. This mascot has taken inspiration from the song Puff the Magic Dragon. The mascot is able to slam dunk which is known as stuffing in this sports arena.

The Orlando Magic professional basketball team has a great time when they play their home games in Orlando. This team continues to impress fans and it is easy to get tickets to see the NBA action live.