Kres Chophouse

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Kres Chophouse on Church Street

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This is one of the best places to have a steak on Church Street and for that matter all of Orlando. All of the food is prepared by master chefs that take pride in this food. A person should come to eat here when they are hungry and they will leave feeling full and satisfied.

Kres Chophouse

There are some dishes that this steakhouse is known for. One of the things that a person should try is the Beef Wellington. This is a fresh cut of meat that is wrapped in bacon and is cooked in a puff pastry. This chophouse has something for seafood lovers as well. There are lobster tails that are cooked to perfection. There is even an escargot dish that a person must try if they are looking for something new. There are gluten-free options for people that cannot have foods that contain gluten.

When a person comes to the steakhouse they can staff off with a soup or a salad. They can get appetizers that including Angus Tenderloin Tartar and Colorado lamb ribs. There is a classic and creative menu as well. A person can get the duck dish with fresh vegetables. They can get the veal rib chop and they can even get a steak with a lobster tail that is stuffed with shrimp. The yellowfin tuna is one of the best seafood dishes that is served here. The Golden Tile is a lobster pate that comes with parmesan risotto and vegetables that have been roasted. Of course, there are steak dishes. A person can get the filet mignon, pork chops, a New York strip steak and they can even get the lamb loin chops. These stages come in different sizes and they will come with vegetables as a side. There is a large drink menu. There is a wine list and the staff can suggest a wine that will pair with the food. There is also a cocktail list for those that are looking for something that is a little bit strong. All of the meats are cut by hand and some of them have been house aged.

Kres is a favorite of people that live in the area and they are stopping by for a great meal. There are some great streaks and the restaurant got an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers. While the food is a little on the pricy side many people say that it was worth it and is worth the visit. The streak is delicious and a person can get it cooked the way that they want. The seafood is also fresh and tasty.

The Kres Chophouse was rated the number one steakhouse in the city of Orlando. All of the meat is fresh cut and there are some unique dishes that a person can really enjoy. There are some great streaks with new takes on them as well. The dishes are both classic and creative allowing everyone to find something that they can enjoy.