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Amura Downtown on Church Street

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When a person is looking for a great meal in Orlando they should head to Church Street. This is the famous street in Orlando where many events take place. There are also some great places to eat. One of the best places to grab a meal is at the Aumra Downtown Orlando location.

Amura Downtown

Amura is a Japanese word that means Village of Love. This is a shortened form of Ai No Mura. When a person comes to this Restaurant they will enjoy the finest in Japanese food. The ingredients that go into every dish are fresh. In addition to the freshness of the food, there is an extensive wine list. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed and a person can enjoy a great meal. The service is top of the line and every guest is treated like an equal. This has gotten the restaurant many positive reviews. According to the users of Zagat, this is one of the best sushi restaurants in all of the world.

What makes the Amura so great is the chefs that put their time and dedication into the foods. They are looking for new ways to make sushi fun and exciting with new flavors. The items on the menu have three main concepts that go behind every dish. These three concepts include freshness, healthy choices, and great tastes. The taste of the food will keep people coming back time and time again. To go with the dishes there are a number of homemade dressings as well as sauces to go with the dishes. All of the seafood is fresh and ready to serves. The chefs are looking to put their best foot forward.

There is both a lunch and a dinner menu at Amura. These dishes for lunch are traditional and they do have some new flavors to them as well. They offer some fusion and will allow a person to get a good treat. Many people heard to this place for the entrees.

When it comes to dinner there are many options to choose from. A person can start off with a Japanese inspired soup or salad. They can then move on to the sushi tasting and there is an explanation for all of the dishes. One of the best with the visitors is the Ninja Crispy Tuna. For those that like a bit of a spicy bite there is a hot tasting menu. There is edamame that is seasoned with Japanese spices. There is the crispy calamari that comes with a hot sauce. There are even pork buns if a person is looking for a dish that contains meat. These dishes will pack a spice but they are pleasant for those that like it hot.

Amura is one of the places a person must stop and have a good meal while they are in Orlando. This restaurant has a number of great dishes that are fresh and tasty. A person cannot go wrong when they are visiting one of the best restaurants in the world.