Restuarants on Church Street

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Food on Church Street

Church Street has a number of great eating establishments. There is something for every taste. There are many different places to select from and they all serve good food.

Kres Steakhouse

This restaurant serves up their new take on steak and seafood dishes. Even with their own twist on this food, there is something that everyone in the family can enjoy. They offer fresh cut steaks. One of the must-try meals is the Prime Rib. The Porterhouse is also another favorite. The seafood served here is freshly caught. The sizes are big and a person will get filled up when they order a steak or a three-course meal. There is also a bar to enjoy a nice drink with dinner.

The Rusty Spoon

This is a casual establishment that has classic American dishes. This is a great place to eat a good sandwich and to have a drink or two. Some of the most noticeable dishes include the slow braised lamb and the carpaccio. For those that are looking to eat light, there are a number of salads bowls to select from. This establishment is also known for their extensive wine list.

Amura Downtown Orland

This is one of the best sushi restaurants in the area. This restaurant specializes in Japanese style sushi as well as wagyu steak. There is an open kitchen so a guest can see all of the action. The fish is top quality and there are some sushi rolls that people are familiar with such as the spicy tuna. During happy hour the prices on both the foods and the drinks are offered at a discount.

Hamburger Mary’s

This is one of the best places to grab a burger during the day. At night the food is still going but there is a drag queen cabaret show that is hosted here. The burgers are all natural and they are made from half a pound of meat before they are cooked. The burgers also have a vegetarian option made from black means as well as chicken and turkey burgers. There are plenty of entertainment options for those that are open-minded.

Food on Church Street

Harry Buffalo

This is a nice barbeque joint on Church Street. In addition to the meat dishes, there are vegetarian as well as vegan dishes. There are things that a person should try when they are dining here. There are the famous wings that can come with a variety of sauces. The bison burger is a top choice. The garlic cheese bread is a popular appetizer. This place has a lot list of beer and other drinks. This is great for those that like the sports bar feel. There are some interesting dishes here such as the buffalo chicken egg roll.

These are some of the best places to each on Church Street. This street goes so crowded at times it is shut down to traffic. There is something that everyone can enjoy on Church Street.