OCS vs Chicago Block Party

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OCS vs Chicago Block Party

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The Orlando City Soccer is a favorite team of the residents of Orlando. When they are about to play a game there is a big block party that is scheduled. When they are ready to take on the Chicago Fire in an intense match there is a block party that is held to cheer the team on and get the fans excited. This sports block party takes place on Church Street and all of the fans come out to play. This is a huge party and there is plenty of entertainment.

OCS vs Chicago Block Party

When a person is at this party they can hear random shouts of the world goal and there is plenty of purple pride. Purple is the official color for this team and it can be found everywhere on Church Street. The bars have their outdoor patios that are set up and waiting for the fans. The beer is cold and there are some drink specials for the match. The beer is on special. There are also some other drinks that are on special as well. A person can get a fireball shot for around half of the price. There are also bars that are offering drink specials during the game. A person can enjoy some half-price drinks. There are even more specials when Orlando makes a goal.

When a person is drinking there are going to need something to eat to go along with their drinks. There are plenty of food specials as well during this block party. A person can enjoy some grilled food. Many of the restaurants break out the grill and make some food outside. There are some pregame snacks that can be enjoyed as well. there is nothing like sitting outside in the sun and enjoying some grilled food.

No block party is complete without music. This is the same as this block party. There are DJs that will keep the music going and will keep the fans wound up. This will allow them to get in the mood for the game and they will be pumped up to cheer on their team.

The block party has plenty of activities for children as well. There are some games that are set up. The kids can play and they can win some prizes as well. They will be able to kick some goals and will try to see if they can make the ball into the goal. They can enjoy the fun too as the adults enjoy their fun. Soccer fans will also be decked out in all their Orlando coloring so they will be a great sight to see. If the team wins there will even be fireworks at night to enjoy for the fans.

Soccer is a big event in Orlando. When the team is ready to play there is a big celebration. The businesses and the fans head out to Church Street and they are ready to party and to support the home team.