Timberlake Block Party on Church Street Orlando

Timberlake Block Party

The Justin Timberlake Block Party is scheduled for Monday, May 14th. The party will begin at 3:30 pm and will go on until fans head to the concert hall. All of the fans of Justin Timberlake are invited to come out to this block party and find their place on Church Street. They will enjoy some food and drink specials from the local restaurants. There will be some games to keep fans entertained. There will be live music and there will be a number of an artist performing at the local bars. The streets will be packed and will get fans all excited for the concert. There is even word that Justin Timberlake himself may make an appearance on Church Street before he put on his big show.

Church Street is the place to be before a concert. With all of the activities that are happening before the show, a fan can turn the concert into a whole day event. They can eat and have some drinks so they are ready to dance and party before the show begins. Church Street is one of the best places to be in all of Orlando.

There are some great performances that will be taking place during the Justin Timberlake block part. There will be performances by some hot musicians including Lovestruck Robots. The event on Church Street is free and is open to the general public. While many of the people that attend this block party do have tickets to see the show, later on, not all fans were lucky enough to get these tickets. Justin Timberlake shows often sell out quickly and if a person is not able to act fast they may not get to see the show. That does not mean they cannot come by and have some fun on Church Street. They can attend the block party and enjoy all of the festivities and the deals that are happening before the show. For those that want to spend their time enjoying the block party on Church Street, they do not have to worry about missing a moment of the actual concert. The party on Church Street is only a block away from the Amway Center where Justin Timberlake will be putting on his show.