FSU Block Party on Church Street Orlando

FSU Block Party

The Florida State team will celebrate their home game with the block party. The block party is the Friday night before the game is played on that following Saturday. The block party is free for the public to attend and they do not need to pay any money just to show up and hang out. This block party is ready for the younger crowd as well as the college students. Alumni of the university will come out as well. They will want to cheer their fans on.

When there is the block party before the college football game there will be plenty of entertainment. Since there will be a big college crowd all of the college students. The bars will have all of their drink specials. Those that are over the age of 21 can enjoy some cold beers for a cheap price. They will also get some of the mixed drinks at reduced prices as well. There are drinks that are made with the team in mind and they are themed drinks.

In addition to drinking, there are foods specials as well. A block party is not complete without a grill that will grill burgers, hot dogs, and even chicken. The restaurants will be serving specials on their appetizers. There will be the appetizer called gator bites. They are fried to perfection and a person will be able to munch on them as well.

In addition to the food and drinks, there will be plenty of games for fans and their children. They will be able to play in football tosses and other football-themed games. There are some prizes that can be won as well. There are some prizes that can be given out and the players can win. If a player is really lucky they can meet some of the members of the team that have come out to meet their fans and enjoy the fun on their own. This can be a real treat.

There would not be a party without fireworks. When the even has set and the sky is dark the party hosts will light off fireworks. This display will allow fans to really celebrate. The fireworks will light up the sky and will make the block party worth attending.

These are some things that a person can expect when they go to the Florida State block party. Fans can come out and cheer for their team. They can root for Florida and this block party is held before they play their home games.