Cinco De Mayo Block Party on Church Street Orlando

Cinco De Mayo Block Party

Church Street is home to many block parties during the year. One of the biggest celebrations that are held on this street is the Cinco de Mayo Block Party. Everyone comes out to celebrate this day. If a person is in town during this time they should not leave without going to this block party. The party officially begins at 5 pm and will keep on going.

This block party is a huge celebration. There are mariachi bands that will come out and perform. They will get the crowd up and moving. There will be DJs to entertain the crowd when the band is taking a break. This way the music will not stop and will keep on going at all times.

During Cinco de Mayo there Will be a lot of actions in the bars. There will be cash bars where a person can stop and get a drink and continue on their way. They can get a cool drink and keep on dancing. There will be specials on frozen drinks as well to help a person cool off and they will pay well below the normal prices.

>Food is an important part of a block party and this party is no exception. There will be plenty of foods that a person can enjoy. Since this is a Mexican celebration there will be a number of spicy dishes that a person can try. They can pick from a number of spicy dishes that include takes on jalapeno poppers, tacos, and many restaurants putting their own spin on some classic dishes. There will also be fusion dishes that are served at this time as well.

There are many games that will keep the children entertained. The games have themed to match the event. There are even placed to stop by for face painting and a person will be able to stress up to match the theme. When a person or even their child play a game they will have the chance to win some great prizes from the local shops. They can win merchandise and in some cases, they can even win a free meal. A person will be able to eat, drink, dance and have a lot of fun at this block party. This will give them a new appreciation for Cinco de Mayo and the way that it can be celebrated in the city of Orlando.

People can come to check out the fireworks once it gets dark. While the party starts at 5 pm they will not realize how quickly the time goes by. At night there will be a full firework displace that will be set off from a designated location on Church Street.

The party will begin on Cinco De Mayo but people do not know when it will end. People go all out for this event and the businesses on Church Street are all willing to participate. This is one of the best block parties that are held on Church Street.