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Church Street District Block Party

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Church Street is one of the busiest streets in all of Orlando. This street is where most of the action takes place. There are a number of restaurants to eat at and there are a number of entertainment options as well. This street has many bars and they are looking for any reason to throw a block party. Many people come out just to be part of the Block Party scene when they are held on Church Street.

Church Street Block Party

During a block party, there will be a lot of drinking that is taking place on Church Street. The local bars are willing to get in the party spirit and offer specials on their drinks. There are both beer and mixed drink specials so there is something for every taste.

The restaurants want to make sure there is plenty of food during the block party. Some of the cooks join the party and take a grill outside. They can join the party and grill up some good food at the same time. These restaurants will have special running based on the theme of the block party. They will discount certain dishes and they will also make food that follows the theme of the block party.

A party would not be a party that does not have music. Inside of the bars, there are live bands playing. On the streets, there are DJs that keep the music going. This way as a person walks down the street they can stop and dance. They can even dance their way down the street. Several different types of music will be playing and a person will not be able but to dance along.

People love to play games and there is a chance to win something. Many of the local stores will set up game stands. There are games for both children and adults. They can try their luck and see what happens. These games are fun to play and will keep the kids busy. For those that are looking to shop there is merchandise that they can purchase. During the party, there are many items that are on special and other items that have been discounted for the event.

When the party is winding down does not mean that the fun is going to stop. When there is a special event in town there will be fireworks at the end of the party. Local developments and committees come together so they can put on a firework display. The fireworks will be shown once it is dark and will allow a person to know they are at a true party.

Church Street loves to party. They throw a block party during festive times of the year. The party before concerts, sporting events, and other times of these years when someone with a big name is coming to town. If a person is visiting Orlando they need to stop by the Block Party and they will have a good time.