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The Church Street District proudly presents the District Card. The District Card is your passport to the very best of downtown Orlando. With your membership card you’ll receive exclusive discounts at member merchant venues of the Church Street District. Restaurants, bars, hotels and more! Once you’ve made your very wise purchase, print the voucher and bring it to the ELEVEN Mart located at the base of 55 West on Pine Street (this is the only location where cards can be picked up). Show the voucher to the clerk at the Pine Street ELEVEN Mart and you’ll get your actual card, you can even get special offers exclusively at this ELEVEN Mart with your District Card. Then you’re ready to receive exclusive discounts throughout the Church Street District!

Bookmark this page on your browser and check back often for new and exciting up to date deals as they may change often to provide you with the best and most exclusive discounts anywhere downtown. Purchase your District Card today and take advantage of these exclusive discounts immediately! You can receive these discounts time and time again. There is no limit to how many times you can use your card throughout the year.