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Ferg's Depot Closing

The popular spot Ferg’s Depo which is located on the historic Church Street is Orland is going to be closing. This station train depot has been shut down. According to the owner, Mark Ferguson said that he is going to be selling the depot.

Ferg's Depot Closing

The Depot opened to the public in January of 2016 and there were some cool new features that were added to this. There was a full bar made from old shipping containers and the building was made into a hip restaurant. The depot has been on the real estate market or some time. It finally closed down and the building is under contract. While the official closing has not been finalized the old train station was listed on the market for $4.5 million. The name of the buyer was not released to the public.

Ferguson suggested to the new buyers that they should reopen the restaurant but is not official either. If the deal fell through for some reason Ferg would open its doors again and it would be placed back on the market. The restaurant has been open for less than three years. Before the doors opened there were many renovations done to the property. The train station is 125 years old. There is a lot of history but a lot of refurbishing was needed. The building has to be brought up to code while saving the historic look and feel.

Ferguson had proper experience in the restaurant business and he knows what customer are looking for. This restaurant has everything that a person is looking for. There were additional bathrooms added for the comfort of the guests. There was also additional storage space made to eliminate the feeling of cramped space. There was even an outdoor plaza opened on Church Street so a person could hang outside and enjoy a nice drink. He is looking to further expand his business ventures and is looking to see if he can make a profit off of the old train station.

According to Ferguson, he is selling the building because he got a good offer on it. The restaurant is not feeling and it is still a local and busy hangout joint until the doors were closed. There were some struggles keeping up with the demands of such an old building. There is a lot of work and a lot of upkeep that needs to be done. The owner said that since he opened the doors it has been an uphill battle. He could not keep the business going the way it was and there was something that needed to be changed.

Church Street is one of the busiest roads in all of Orlando. There are many people coming and going. There are a lot of shops and places to grab a bite to eat. If the new owner plans on keeping the train station a functioning bar they will not have to worry about the lack of a crowd with all of the visitors that frequent this street.